My Home Run

I was asked by Eric Adsit if I wanted to be a part of a video series that he was doing with NRS that highlights the river that you consider to be your home run. I was thrilled to be asked and to be a part of it.

My home run is the Deerfield River. Its headwaters are in southern Vermont and drains into the Connecticut River in northwestern Massachusetts. The river offers up different sections of whitewater from class I-V and a few reservoirs in-between. Personally, my favorite section is the West Branch of the Deerfield that runs through my town in VT. Its a great class IV/V run that runs off rain and snow melt.

The Deerfield River means more to me than just paddling. I met my husband Jeff my first weekend on the Deerfield River and we started our lives together. We named our dog Brook after the Fife Brook. We have met some of our best friends on this river. The Deerfield River has a fantastic community of paddlers on it and its like having an extended family. They are so welcoming and friendly.

This past year I got into fly-fishing so now I experience the Deerfield River in a very different way while I’m fishing.

If you want to learn how to whitewater kayak or just go rafting check out Zoar Outdoor  or the AMC Whitewater Kayaking Classes. I learned how to kayak with the Boston AMC thanks to brother Mark.

Check out the Video here of My Home Run.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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