Busy, busy, busy!

We have been busy! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since June!

We had another great summer in Henderson, NY on Lake Ontario. It was filled with fishing, boating, sailing, kayaking, suping, working, you know the usual things that we do.

We’ve been back home in Vermont since middle of September getting some house work done and splitting wood. I feel like I’m always splitting wood. Nothing really has changed with us except adding fishing to our list of things to do. Jeff’s back to playing music in the area. I just started work again this fall at Timber Creek Cross Country getting the xc ski trails ready for winter. I haven’t gotten away on paddling trips a much as I would like because I’ve been busy working but I have to make some sacrifices. Jeff can’t be the only one working and I have a new tool being made for my arsenal. Anyway, I’ll catch you all up with photos because that’s how I do it.

I went to the Winni River Days in NH it was a great event!
I raced with awesome ladies in the downriver race and the boater cross.
Won both races and got 2 jugs of NH maple syrup (not VT).
Photo: Jeannie 

The Winni River Days had a shuttle so you could just do lap after lap. It was awesome! 

The Deerfield River Fest and Zoar Outdoor Demo Fest was a great time.
I love working with the paddling community and showing people
 how much awesomeness the Deerfield River has to offer.
Photo:Brad Walker

Every family needs to have the Pau Hana Surf Supply Oahu Nui.
It makes time on the river so much fun!
Photo: Jeff Campbell

After a couple of weeks home in VT we headed back up to Lake Ontario in NY.
Fishing was an everday affair.
That’s a nice fish!

Brook enjoying some of my popsicle on a hot day.

We caught so many fish on the Oahu Nui when the family was at the lake.

SUP surfing on the Pau Hana Diablo on the Salmon River in NY.
Photo: Jeff Campbell

My nephew Miguel on his first whitewater SUP run on the Salmon River.
He did great!
Photo: Jeff Campbell

I raffled off a clinic to help raise money for
American Whitewater during the Deerfield River Fest.
Mary won and we got to paddle at Hole Brothers on the Black River in NY.
She learned a lot that day and was spinning like a champ by the end of the day.

I went up to the Ottawa River for the Jimi Cup and got to paddle on Garb.
Had some tricks and got some beatdowns.

Another fantastic Jimi Cup under water paddling with friends!
An event I look forward going to year after year.

Laya is always watching!

SUP fishing is so much fun on the lake especially on a hot day.
Photo: Jeff Campbell

Captain Jefe on the sailboat!
A round of golf with the family!

15 perch for dinner! Slaying the fish!

Went up to compete at the Montreal Eau Vive.
Love this event with jet ski and jet boat rides, big waves and big water fun!
I tied for second place overall.

The mystery spot CJ on the Deerfield River has had some wood issues this summer
so I finally went to the other mystery spot on the Deerfield the Trestle.
What a fantastic spot! More work than CJ but worth it when you get a great ride.

Spent a week in Oklahoma City at Paddle Sports Retailer with the Pau Hana crew (never a dull moment).
Todd was our table while Jen and I wrapped up boards.

We took up fly fishing and it’s Jeff’s new obsession.
Photo: Tino Specht

A weekend spent fly fishing on the Deerfield River and Fresh Grass music fest makes a great weekend!
I love where we live!
Photo: Elaine Campbell

Brook helping us close up the sailboat for the year!

Visiting my silly little nieces!
They love playing in the dirt, finding bugs, playing chase, and are so sweet! 

We’ve been lucky and have had some rain this fall. It’s been hit or miss though with levels.
The WB was super high so Tino and I ran the upper section which is always fun.

Brook and Laya excited about our new cooler from Orion.

It’s tough taking Brook fly fishing! 

Last Dryway release of the season with Squirt Boat Dave.

Getting those xc ski trails ready for the winter!

Fly fishing with Brook on the Fife Brook.

My first rainbow trout ever caught fly fishing!
That’s a nice fish!

So happy!

Snacks was back in action at Tville in CT during the Hometown Throwdown.
 I went to represent Zoar Outdoor and helped Katelyn with judging.
Katelyn has done an amazing job with Throwdowns this year at Tville.
It’s great to see the paddling community come together at the event and
have a great time paddling and cheering each other on.
Photo: Ben West

It was great to see Jessie and David at the Hometown Throwdown!
Photo: Jeff Dynia

I’m so lucky to have this guy as my partner in life.
We truly are a match made in heaven!

Spring and Summer Video

Well that’s what we’ve been doing.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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