Touristing, paddling, and chilling!

What a trip! We had an amazing time seeing family and friends, paddling new rivers, and visiting some National Parks. We decided to come home early this year. Instead of doing 3 months we did 2 months. I had a work commitment on the east coast and Brook was diagnosed with heart disease on the trip. We just felt like it was time to come home. 
In my last blog post we were still in Arizona about to head out to California but first we needed to visit a friend in Prescott and check out Sedona. I’ll let the photo’s tell the story.
Hiking around Sedona.

We stumbled upon a Food Truck Fest in Sedona. I was in heaven!

Brook loved Maureen’s sweet little puppies!

Stopped off in Joshua Tree National Park. 
We went to Yosemite National Park with Michelle and had the best time ever!
Pumping up the Pau Han Oahu Nui before we got on the Merced River.

What a beautiful section of the Merced River to float in Yosemite!

Hiked up to see Nevada Falls.

Jeff and I about to put on the El Capitan Meadow section on the Merced River.

I think this rapid was called Bridal Veil Rapid. Jeff styling it.
What an amazing place to paddle!
Photo:Michelle Ingram Caranto

We left Yosemite and headed to Kernville for the Kern River Fest.

Getting ready for the downriver race.

Jeff near the finish line of the downriver race.
Photo:Michelle Ingram Caranto

SUP slalom using the Pau Hana Diablo.
Photo:Michelle Ingram Caranto

I didn’t have a slalom boat so I used the Ripper.
Photo:Michelle Ingram Caranto

What a shocker I went for a swim!
I have no idea what the results were from Kern Fest but who cares it was fun!
Photo:Michelle Ingram Caranto 

Video from the Kern River Fest.

Brook loving the RV life!

Laya loves having her picture taken!

After a great few days in Kernville we headed to Coloma, CA and paddled on the American River with Pete’s meat
We made it to Reno!

Jeff and I were asked to help out with Team River Runners. We paddled two days with a great group of veterans and volunteers on the Truckee River. Check out the website to learn more about TRR.

We got to paddle a beautiful section of the Truckee River on day 2 with TRR up by Squaw.

Luch time with TRR!

I have the best friends in Reno! Donuts for my 38th birthday!

Getting my loop on in the hole.

I competed in all the events during the Reno River Fest.
Slalom, SUP surf, SUP Cross, Boater Cross, and Freestyle.
Photo:Bryon Dorr

Boater Cross!
Photo:Monique Sady

SUP Cross!
Photo:Monique Sady

Photo:Bryon Dorr
I think this was after I slayed my ride in Semi Finals. Scoring my highest hole ride ever with 560 points.
If only I could of done that in finals but I was spent.
Photo:Bryon Dorr

Jeff announcing another Reno River Fest!
Photo:Bryon Dorr

Hey look it’s me!
Photo:Bryon Dorr
We left Reno and headed to Bend, Oregon.
Scott and Monique met us for some spring time fun at Mount Bachelor.
Photo:Scott Sady
What an awesome day of snow boarding on May18th!
Photo:Monique Sady

Jeff surfing his brains out at the Bend Whitewater Park.

Jeff didn’t want to leave he was having so much fun surfing.

We left Bend and headed to White Salmon, Washington.
We got to see friends and paddled on the Lower White Salmon.
What an amazing section of river with awesome gorges.

Working our way back home we stopped to see Judd and Melanie!
Brook loves her boyfriend Kody!
Laya helping me get my work done!
To break up the trip home we stopped at the Badlands National Park.
We made it back to one of our happy places Henderson, NY.

Brook loves the Pau Hana Oahu Nui!

It was great to see my family after a couple months away.

Getting my loop on at the Black River in Watertown, NY.

We love the lake life!

I love Dryway season!
Photo:Brad Walker

We are back home in VT and looking forward to the next few weeks of house work, Winni River Days, the Zoar Outdoor Demo Fest, Deerfield River Fest and seeing Ray Lamontagne.

Check out this interview I did for ESPN Women.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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