Reno to CO

We headed to Reno, NV for the next portion of our trip. We love going to Reno we have a great group of friends who live there. The area had record amounts of snow this winter so the river was high which made for some extremely fun river running.
A typical day on the Truckee River!

So many big waves on this section!
Brook an Laya wanting breakfast.

Mount Rose had so much snow! Monique and I out on a amazing spring day.

Brook and her friends out on a walk.

The river was so high park benches were in the water.
All the girls with a Jeff πŸ™‚

Took a day and went to Lake Tahoe. Such an awesome place to SUP!

Big water in NV!

On my birthday we had a big group at Mount Rose.
6″ of fresh wet snow and thick fog made it an interesting day of riding.
Snowboarding on May 7th that was a first!

Reno River Fest has begun. Hey, look that’s me!

The river was hight so the playpark had different features than it usually does.
Jeff competing at the Reno Fest.

I was able to take 3rd in the Boatercross.

Thanks to my friends for the hospitality, the birthday party and all the fun we had in Reno!

We moved on which is always sad leaving Reno and we headed to Moab, UT.
A first for the both of us.

We went to Arches Natioanal Park and to the Fisher Towers.

What a amazing place to visit. You feel like you are on another planet.

Laya is ready to move on!

We ran the Colorado River from Dewey Bridge to Sandy Beach. Around 18 miles of paddling with a couple of class II/III rapids mixed in and beautiful scenery.

We headed to Durango, CO and paddled in my first hole of 2017!

Brook had a nice time at the Durango Brewery.

We found more snow heading from Durango to Salida.
We spent a few days in Salida, CO and the hole was perfect!

Jeff throwing a sweet loop.

Tired animals after 2 play sessions in Salida.

We left Salida and headed up the road to Buena Vista.
The Arkansas River provided so much fun whitewater!

Jeff took 3rd place in the CKS BV Open Rodeo!

Yay Jeff!
Team NRS purple at US Team Trials!
Photo:Courtney Kerin

We are home in VT and there’s water which is awesome! I’ll have a video up from the trip at some point soon.

Here’s a video from the SUP trip on the Colorado River in Utah.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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