What a summer!

We had another great summer in Henderson, NY on Lake Ontario. We’ve been renting a cottage at Harbors End Marina for 9 years. It’s a beautiful place and we spend the entire summer pretty much doing some acitivity in the water.
One of our last days SUPing on the lake.

OMG! I caught a fish!
Jeff and I getting in some paddling at Hole Brothers on the Black River.

Mid loop.
We sailed to the Thousand Islands on the St.Lawrence River and spent a few days on the Canadian side in Gananoque.

What an amazing place to sail and SUP. 
Brook hanging out in the sailboat.
Lot’s of tour boats on the Thousand Islands.
Island hopping with Jeff and Brook.
Brook wants to go to that Island on the right.
It was a great trip SUPing and sailing. Laya was not pleased when we got back.
We closed up NY and headed back home to VT. Luckily, the Deerfield River has releases left on it.  
Squirt boating at CJ on the Deerfield River. Marc from Nova Scotia came for a visit.
Underwater kayaking is fun! 
After whitewater paddling it’s always fun to take Brook out for some swimming and SUPing.

Brook is fishing!
Brook sneaking some kisses! 
Paddling my new Dagger Nomad on the Dryway!
We hit up Thunder Mountain Bike Park with my nephew John and my sister-in-law Marcy. That was our first time at the down hill park and it was awesome. They did a great job with the trails! I’m looking forward to going a few more times this fall.

Here’s a quick video from squirt boating at CJ on the Deerfield River.

We live in an amazing place with so many outdoor activities to choose from less than 30 minutes away.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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