Spring Trip video and Jimi Cup recap

I spent a week at the Ottawa for the Jimi Cup with my new squirt boat a Slip from Murky Waters. The design is a New England Patriots logo. It’s the sickest design eva! I’m not one to use the word sick but it fit’s 🙂 The boat is amazing and sinks like a rock.

This was my 3rd JimiCup and the best one yet. Another great group of people attended and we had such a fun time squirting, playing campground golf and hanging out. I’m always sad when it’s over. I was so happy with my results getting down for all 5 rides and taking 12th overall and 2nd out of the women.

Here’s some photos and a video from the Jimi Cup.

It’s so sparkly and shiny!
Look at that boat!
Anna and I getting after it!
About to drop under.
Photo: Andy Grizzell
Lot’s of bubbles under water!
Group photo from the Jimi Cup.

Video by: Erich Miarka

I finally finished the video from our spring trip. If you haven’t checked out my photos from the trip here’s the links below

Spring Trip part 1

Spring Trip part 2

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell

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