Spring trip part 1

We left VT on April 6th and started our kayaking trip across the USA and British Columbia. 

I’m about to drop photos like it’s hot!

The trip was delayed a few days because of a snow storm. 

Packed up and ready to hit the road to WV!
We made it to WV! I squirt boated with Jim Snyder at the Alley on the Cheat River.

On our way to Columbus, GA we stopped in Washington, GA to visit with Jeff’s aunt and uncle.

We spent a couple days paddling on the Chattahoochee River in Columbus.
Brook went swimming! That doesn’t happen often. 
We ran into this guy Stephen.
Jeff is blurry 😦
Lot’s of rolls!

We left Columbus and headed to Fayetteville, GA to spend a few days with the Farrington’s.
They live close to where The Walking Dead is filmed in Senoia, GA.
This photo was taken in front of the wall in Alexandria.
Went to Buckners one night for a southern dinner and it was delicious! 
We left GA and headed to AZ. Where we visited my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Robert in Tuscon.
Jeff and my uncle Robert playing guitar.
We bought a new (to us) RV in Tuscon!
Jeff worked at the office in Mesa for a few days before we headed to Reno. 
We took a side trip to Coloma, CA from Reno and paddled on the SF and NF of the American River.
Jeff throwing some ends on the SF. 
Competing in finals at the Reno River Fest.
Photo: Monique Sady
Jeff announcing at the Reno River Fest.
Photo: Philip Robert
I started a music group called Elaine Campbell and the Bass Layahs.
Photo: Monique Sady
Made it on a few podiums that weekend.
The odds of podiuming improve dramatically when you compete in every event.

The best part of Reno River Fest is getting to hang out with friends. 
We did some SUP surfing in Sparks, NV.
We headed to ID next and stopped at Kelly’s WW park in Cascade.
Brook needed to be carried over the metal grate bridge.
Looping in the bottom hole at Kelly’s.
Photo: Jeff Campbell
We did some more SUP surfing at Kelly’s.
Our next stop was a quick paddle on the Salmon River before heading to the Locsha.
This photo is on the Locsha River. Thanks Devon for guiding Jeff and Scott down the monstrous ww. Leaving Erin and I free to play!
We camped upstream of the put-in of the Locsha.
Awesome weekend paddling big water with a great crew.
After the Lochsa we spent the night at Erin and Scott’s.
Paddled a wave on the Clearwater River with Erin and then headed to NRS in Moscow.
I love NRS! Mark treated us like royalty.

Spent a couple days in Spokane, WA with Judd and Melanie. Was not allowed to sit on the bench.
Brook loved the Kaiser kids!

I’m going to stop here and will finish part 2 when we get home in a couple weeks.  
Till next time,
Elaine Campbell

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