Florida Keys

What an outstanding trip!  A big thanks to NRS for sending us an Earl 6 to use and to Accent Paddles for sending me a 3 piece breakdown Moxie and a 3 piece breakdown Octane SUP paddle.  I’ll tell you inflatable SUP’s was the way to go.  It was so easy to fly with the NRS Earl and the Pau Hana Big EZ Air.  Both come with sweet bags and has extra room to fit a pump, pfd’s, some clothing and the paddles fit great in the bag.  They each flew like regular baggage and each weighed about 33 pounds.  

We stayed in Long Key at the Lime Tree Resort.  It was a pretty quiet place which was exactly what we needed.  We pretty much just SUP’ed every day and just relaxed. The resort was on the Gulf of Mexico but right across the street was the Atlantic so we paddled on both bodies of water. The weather was perfect like 80 degrees every day.  The temp really didn’t change that much at night from during the day.  

Here’s a bunch of photos from the trip:

Waiting for the bus at the airport.

The free range chickens that roam Key West.

Jeff grilling at the resort.

Such a great place to paddle!

Double gator in the Everglades National Park!

Stout gator in the Everglades National Park.

Some big birds in the Everglades National Park.

Tough to see in this photo but two American Crocodiles in the Everglades National Park.

This made me so happy getting to see some Manatees in the Everglades National Park.

They were not shy.
Look at those nostrils. 
I love this photo of a Nurse Shark. The only shark we saw.
Was not bothered with us SUP’ing around it.
Little Star Fish.
Tricky to see but a stingray. We saw lot’s of them but really hard to get a photo.  
Some action at the beach.
The only Turtle we saw.
The pain in the arse invasive Iguana.  We saw a few of these guys around the Keys.
Cool Jelly Fish photo.
Really tough to see but if you look close a mom and baby Dolphin.
SUP’ing at sunset with Dolphins was pretty cool.
Water color is pretty neat.

Back to the winter life but looking forward to March to get back on the water in my kayak.

Till  next time,

Elaine Campbell

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